Authentic Drive Ins

What makes an Authentic Drive-In?
A permanent & SUPER LARGE screen
Permanently constructed super large screen
Optimised, considered layouts mean Ideal sight-lines for all vehicles
Built as a permanent Authentic Drive-In Theatre
Officially licensed New and Classic Movies
Concession stand, box-office, & rest rooms
Large lawn, outdoor activities and play-ground areas
Curved and sloped parking for optimized viewing
Permanent box-office, concesstions stand & rest rooms
Industry approved bright projection & stereo sound
Repertory theaters with 35mm prints of movie classics
Officially licensed first run movies & 35mm classics
Genuine theatrical experience with start of the art, industry grade projection
Many are iconic landmarks which have operated for decades
Double features!
Designed to provide a dark moviegoing environment
Vintage ads!
Accept no imitations! Visit an Authentic Drive-In Theatre near you
This is an Authentic Drive-In

An Authentic Drive-In Theatre is a permanently constructed commercial motion picture drive-in theatre of which the main purpose of the property is the outdoor exhibition of motion pictures for patrons in vehicles using professional DCI compliant Digital projectors or 35mm or 70mm film.

Authentic Drive-In screens are super large, as big as 120 feet wide, and are permanent structures constructed with Steel, Wood, or concrete or otherwise permanent structures. Authentic Drive-Ins featuring multiple screens will include at least one permanent screen meeting the above standards.

Many Authentic Drive-In Theatres are iconic landmarks which have been in operation as early as the 1930’s and have been lovingly preserved and upgraded. Other Authentic Drive-Ins are new builds which have been zoned and built as permanent attractions. All Authentic Drive-Ins are dedicated to preserving the tradition of Authentic Drive-In Theatres for generations to come!


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